Maffy - guitar and singing, Adz - guitar and singing, Matt - bass and singing, Davey - drumming

Download our debut album 'On the Hook' for whatever you want to pay

Download our debut album 'On the Hook' for whatever you want to pay from

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Saturday, 30 April 2011

We have a demo - oh yeah!

Against all odds we've managed to get something recorded.

It's up on Bandcamp and available for free download - go get it.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sunday 5th June 2011

Check out this gorgeous work of art...

More gigs for your diaries...

Hi gang…  We have a couple of nice gigs to add to your social calendar (presumably under the heading “Events To Avoid”)…

Saturday 14th May – “Mynite” at Milo, Leeds with many other local bands, none of which I have ever heard, but I’m sure it will be a good time.  We’re billed to play at 10.45pm.

Friday 8th July – The Hop, Wakefield with PYLON and Milloy.  That’s right – PYLON.  No further comment needed.  PYLON.  We’ll be on earlier in the evening so make sure you get down to catch us.

We STILL need a gig on Saturday April 30th.  But in fairness, we haven't exactly been busting a gut to find one.

In other news, you may be interested to know that we’re having a get-together at Matt Sax’s house this coming Thursday.  You’re not invited to that.  No offence, it’s just more of a band members only situation. We intend to have some food, beers and write some new songs.