Maffy - guitar and singing, Adz - guitar and singing, Matt - bass and singing, Davey - drumming

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Download our debut album 'On the Hook' for whatever you want to pay from

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Upcoming gigs for you to feast your eyes and ears

Hello again, I trust everyone is well?

Just a quick note to give you the lowdown on a couple of gigs we have coming up in the month of July.  We are always after more gigs so don't be afraid to ask us, we don't bite.  All we ask for is £500, a well stocked rider and no brown M&Ms.  We're joking of course - brown M&Ms are Davey's favourite.

On with the hoopla...

8th July at The Hop in Wakefield

We are very excited to be playing alongside Pylon who have got back together for a couple of farewell gigs and then that's that, no more - see them while you still can, they are marvellous.  Also playing will be the lovely Helen Chambers and James 'Jimmy' Islip doing their acoustic thing.  We are sandwiched between them like a gone off slice of ham between two fresh slices of artisan bread.

If you haven't heard Pylon before then shame on you, make up for it right now. Incidentally, this song is miles better than anything we'll ever do.

29th July at Santiago's in Leeds

Our good friend Toby 'Razor' Chelms has put together a bloody corking affair.  Along with us there is Leeds' very own answer to The Jesus Lizard: Blacklisters.  Also... The Dead Beat, who will be travelling all the way from Brighton, they are rocking and remind me of Born Against mixed with New Bomb Turks.  Very new and exciting Leeds two-piece Two Trick Horse round the bill off.  All comparisons are Albini based but I hear a lot of poppy influences in there as well.

Give them all a listen and make your own minds up...

Come along to these gigs - they will be fun affairs.

Now if only anybody actually read this blog we might be onto something... Here's a great video to reward those who might have happened to stumble onto here.  Cheerio.

PS our demo is still hotter than an electric fire in a student house with 2 bars turned on.  Check it.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Matadors in Sunderland

I grew up in a small town by the name of Seaham Harbour, on the north-east coast of England, about five miles south of Sunderland. As a young lad, the majority of my toy purchasing activities took place in Joseph's Toy Shop in Sunderland.

Joseph's was destroyed during WW2, when a bomb struck the nearby railway station, causing a train to smash through the front of the shop.  Fortunately, it was rebuilt, meaning that me and my dumb little friends could buy action figures.

Last Sunday, Matadors played a gig in Sunderland with Deep Sleep from the USA, The Down & Outs and Jimmy Islip, in celebration of all-round nice chap Dan Shannon's birthday. I love going back to Sunderland for any reason, even more so to play a gig there (I'd only ever done it twice).

Imagine my amazement on arrival at Plugged Inn, at number 29 Holmeside in Sunderland, when I realised that this was the very site of the aforementioned Joseph's Toy Shop! I was once separated from my mother in the very same building, probably as a result of my feverishly browsing the Technical Lego selection. Mam still fondly recalls discovering me sitting on the step outside the shop, crying my eyes out, pants drenched in urine.

Good times.

Here is a video clip of Matadors playing the track "Armley" in the window of Plugged Inn aka Joseph's Toy Shop...