Maffy - guitar and singing, Adz - guitar and singing, Matt - bass and singing, Davey - drumming

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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Hello... and gigs!

We're back.  No one missed us.  No one even remembers us.

We have gigs - the first in about 5 years.  We will not disappoint.

Coming up then:

Friday 4th March - Santiago's, Leeds - the first gig of our phoenix like resurrection from the ashes.  It's a free gig in honour of drummer Davey's 37th birthday.  Playing along with the magnificent WOODERSON.  Come down and enjoy yourselves.

Friday 18th March - The Hop, Wakefield - along with the mighty PROTECTORS and BROWN HOUND JAMES BAND.  This will be a good one.  Have heard good things about the venue.

Friday 29th April - The Well, Leeds - opening up for FORGETTERS (featuring Blake from Jawbreaker/Jets To Brazil), BLACKLIST ROYALS and more.  This'll be a banger - it's early doors (6pm), so get there early if you want to see us.  Get there later if you're not arsed.

Saturday 30th April - The Vaults, Derby - back in my motherland playing with 'old enough to know better' pop-punk juggernaut VANILLA POD.  GIG NOW CANCELLED

Sunday 1st May - Portland Arms, Cambridge - a lovely gig organised by our good friends DS and Georgie.  Also playing are Pontefract fun boys ABOVE THEM and my favourite band, PROTECTORS.  Will be a drunken mess.

Monday 2nd May - Red House, Sheffield - Not Shy Of DIY half dayer again with ABOVE THEM and loads more, I expect we'll be on pretty early.  At least I hope so, we'll be knackered from 4 gigs on the bounce and have to go to work the next day.

Friday 29th July - Santiago's, Leeds - with a band called THE DEADBEAT, not sure what they sound like but they are not from this septic isle.  EDIT - they are actually from Brighton.