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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Reflections... and another gig!

After all of our optimism and enthusiasm, the writing was on the wall for the first gig of our return from the wilderness.  I just can’t believe we didn’t see it coming.  We should be thankful that it was matters beyond our control (electricitus interruptus) that caused our set to collapse midway through the first song.  I like to think that we managed to pull things back together but by then it was all too late, expectation gave way to indifference, and four more eggy faces could not have been found in Leeds that night.

Many thanks to all that came down for the warm atmosphere and positivity.  I had a great night and hope that you did too.

Oh, by the way, the walk-out was truly inspired... Bravo Leeds!

So… the comeback continues in earnest this week, with another West Yorkshire gig.  This Friday night sees the Matadors at the Hop in Wakefield, sharing the stage with our good friends the Protectors and the Brown Hound James Band.

Remember when there was such a thing as indie rock that was great?  In the nineties?  Well, that’s what the Protectors sound like.  What you get from these chums of ours is pedigree.  They ooze it.  Pierce their skin and you will be drenched with a Pylon-y, Dugong-y, Nathaniel Green-y syrup that will reaffirm everything that you love about life.

Brown Hound James Band is the latest vehicle to channel Matty Dugong’s delicate tones, this time ploughing a more laid-back, easy-going groove.  I’m not going to get too carried away, because I haven’t heard them yet.  Well, apart from through a rehearsal studio wall.  They was well muffly.

Also on the bill will be some acoustic shenanigans from Louise Distras and Don Mercy.

Stage times are…

Protectors – 10:45
Matadors – 10:05
Brown Hound James Band – 9:20
Louise Distras – 8:45
Don Mercy – 8:10

(*though probably subject to change on the night)

This is going to be a great night – great music for great people.  Come down and say hello.  I'm proper looking forward to it!